HVAC is Hard, IAQ is Harder, and HAVEN is Here to Help

HVAC is Hard, IAQ is Harder, and HAVEN is Here to Help

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor has been many years in the making. Our journey of creating this unique product is a wild story, but we will save that for another time. Today, we want to highlight a milestone that our team is super proud of: We’ve officially launched and the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is available for purchase! 

If you don't yet know what the Monitor is, check out our previous blog post where we explain the differences between our monitoring device and others on the market.

We've chosen to make the HAVEN Central Air Controller available through your local HVAC service company. To some of our customers, that may seem like a strange decision. Why not make it available on a website like Amazon, or through a big box retailer like Best Buy? And why can’t I install it myself? We'll try to explain a bit of our product philosophy.

A central air system is often the most expensive investment in your home other than the home itself. Its purposes are to heat, cool, and circulate the air 24/7/365, hopefully for 10+ years. If it's not cared for properly, you can end up with an under-performing or damaged system that needs to be repaired or replaced at a high cost. A trained technician has the experience to spot problems with your existing system and perform tune ups and upgrades that will protect your investment and your comfort.

The central air system is also the central circulatory system of a home - playing an important role in keeping the occupants healthy, but only if it's properly configured and maintained. Maintenance and repair visits through your local HVAC company is a great option for solving obvious IAQ issues — like replacing a clogged filter — but airborne pollutants are often not obvious, and vary greatly depending on the time of year, indoor activities, building variables, and outdoor conditions. On top of that, we've found that most HVAC professionals are currently not equipped to solve IAQ issues, nor identify the source of the problems. Finally, after spending many years working with homeowners to resolve their IAQ issues, it's become clear to us that homeowners are also not equipped to solve most IAQ issues by themselves, even if they've tried using traditional IAQ monitors.


Our vision is to build a product that doesn't resemble IAQ gadgets of the past — we want to bring professional IAQ solutions to the masses. Through the HAVEN IAQ ecosystem, the HVAC professional and the homeowner embark on a journey together to discover, discuss, and resolve IAQ issues. HAVEN IAQ provides professional-grade hardware installed inside of the central air system for 24/7/365, whole-home HVAC + IAQ monitoring, supported by software interfaces, reports, notifications, and insights. In addition, Team HAVEN is committed to providing training programs for our certified HAVEN Pro Technicians, and exceptional customer service for everyone that comes with us on this journey. Through the combination of teamwork, the best monitoring technology on the market, and proper HVAC maintenance, we're confident that we can solve any home's IAQ issues.

Let's turn your home into a HAVEN.

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By Ben Reed, VP of Product
📍 Vancouver, British Columbia

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