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Oct 17 2022

HAVEN Meets TrickleStar: Wireless IAQ Integrations

HAVEN's Central Air Monitor is now compatible with TrickleStar’s Smart Thermostat! Our new wireless IAQ integrations help you maximize savings, optimize comfort, and breathe cleaner air for a happier & healthier home.
Woman dusting to remove harmful Particulate Matter

Jan 11 2022

Health effects of Particulate Matter

When the air that we breathe is compromised (eg. there are too many particles in the air), we can feel sluggish or tired. Fine particulate matter is particularly dangerous, as particles of 2.5UG or lower are small enough to enter directly into our organs!
Woman sweeping clean home

Nov 4 2021

Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds

What causes poor indoor air quality? What is particulate matter? Where does VOC pollution come from? Learn how to improve your air quality at home today!

Jul 7 2021

HAVEN™ For Wildfire Season

The majority of wildfire smoke exposure occurs while we're inside, which is why we believe HVAC pros are best placed to address IAQ issues...

Jun 24 2021

HAVEN™ For Wildfire Smoke

The air in your home may not become visibly smoky, but if levels outside are high the chances are that wildfire smoke particles have made it inside. Find out how you can stop the smoke and #breathebetter...

May 20 2021

HAVEN™ For Asthma Sufferers

Asthma can be triggered by common factors within the home such as dust, mold, and pet dander. Take a look at the links between air pollution and asthma - the causes, culprits, and changes you can make within your home to reduce the chances of an attack...

Dec 8 2020

HAVEN IAQ + IFTTT: Our First Step on the Path to Automate Your Air Quality

We're excited to announce that we've recently released our HAVEN IAQ service on IFTTT. Through IFTTT, a HAVEN IAQ user can use the Central Air Monitor 's Temperature, Relative Humidity, VOC, and PM2.5 readings as triggers automations.

Nov 20 2020

HVAC is Hard, IAQ is Harder, and HAVEN is Here to Help

HVAC is Hard, IAQ is Harder, and HAVEN is Here to Help The HAVEN Central Air Monitor has been many years in the making. Our journey of creating this unique product is a wild story, but we will save that for another time. Today, we want to highlight a milestone that our team is super …

HVAC is Hard, IAQ is Harder, and HAVEN is Here to Help Read More »

Nov 11 2020

Introduction to the HAVEN Central Air Monitor

The best way to monitor Indoor Air Quality What do all Indoor Air Quality monitors have in common? Indoor Air Quality monitors come in different forms – some sit on your counter or table, some have a battery and can be carried around, while others are mounted to the wall. Most have the ability to …

Introduction to the HAVEN Central Air Monitor Read More »

Oct 30 2020

HAVEN IAQ October 2020 Software Updates

HAVEN IAQ October 2020 Software Updates 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. At HAVEN, we’ve been extremely fortunate to be spending the year solving a problem that affects everyone: Indoor Air Quality. In the years leading up to 2020, we were in the lab, developing our first hardware product: The HAVEN Central Air …

HAVEN IAQ October 2020 Software Updates Read More »


Image of a living room with particles floating around, making it look polluted

What does the 'Central Air Monitor' monitor?

It monitors air pollution and comfort levels, including particulates, chemicals, relative humidity and temperature to understand what activities need more ventilation and filtration.

Read more about what is monitored...

Image of a living room with particles floating around, making it look polluted

How does the Central Air Monitor work?

The Central Air Monitor is the first in-duct indoor air quality monitor that uses the home's "arteries", aka ductwork, to capture an understanding of how the entire home is doing.

We've spent years crafting our particulate sensing capabilities and calibration process that allow the Monitor to rival top of the line, research-grade equipment.

More on the technology...

Image of two HVAC pros analyzing air quality data on a computer

How are HVAC professionals involved?

Every home has a different HVAC configuration, location and occupant activities. HVAC pros are given the challenging task of diagnosing the air quality issues their customers are experiencing.

The Monitor gets professionally installed into the duct next to the air handler. Post install, the IAQ data will be shared with the certified HAVEN Pro HVAC technician who can then use it to help the homeowner find the most appropriate solutions to improve their air quality and keep their HVAC system running efficiently.

Image of two HVAC pros analyzing air quality data on a computer
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