A new generation of smart IAQ products designed for HVAC professionals.

The HAVEN product line includes in-duct monitoring and controls solutions at the intersection of IAQ and HVAC.


Reliable air quality diagnosis capabilities through ventilation & filtration
monitoring & controls for any indoor space.

Rendering of an HVAC system with airflow shown coming in from living space, being treated by air handler, and then being pushed back to supply living space with cleaner air

Homes are increasingly designed and constructed with energy efficiency in mind. This means tighter building envelopes and regulations that don’t yet optimize human health. The result is inadequate ventilation and filtration in the majority of homes.

The HAVEN ecosystem combines:

in-duct sensors + controls + software solutions

This added layer of intelligence is designed to empower HVAC contractors to make decisions and recommendations based on reliable data.


Image of HAVEN Central Air Monitor on an angle, probe is inserting into mounting plate

HAVEN Central Air Monitor
(aka CAM)

Every HAVEN journey starts by installing the Central Air Monitor. This is the only IAQ monitor of its kind, able to detect airborne particles, chemicals, %rH, temperature and airflow — all from the return duct.

HAVEN Pro Portal

Every HAVEN CAM installation gives you insight into your customers' air quality and even HVAC performance.

Easily sort your customers by ventilation, filtration and humidity issues to allow for more tailored offerings in your service contracts.

Computer monitor showing HAVEN Pro Portal screen

HAVEN Pro Training

Stay up to date on how to sell the HAVEN ecosystem and leverage it to choose more effective solutions for your customers and business.

Continue your HAVEN education whenever you get that next coffee break — on a roof, in your truck, or in between gigs at the office.

Benefits of becoming a HAVEN Pro

Get insights into HVAC performance with in-duct monitoring

Use data as proof points for your air quality and equipment diagnoses

 Add valuable intelligence to both installs & service contracts to know when maintenance visits are actually needed

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