Go beyond comfort with HAVEN.

The HAVEN ecosystem monitors IAQ, automates HVAC equipment, and empowers HVAC professionals to provide clean air services through filtration, ventilation, and humidity control.

HAVEN 'supercharges’ any ducted HVAC system & IAQ accessory through an added layer of intelligence.

Active Air Management

Be more than just your customer’s technician, become the custodian of their comfort.

What is Active Air Management?

Active Air Management is the proactive & ongoing care of your customer’s indoor environment through software services and equipment automation.


HAVEN Central Air Controller

This piece of the puzzle closes the loop to make HVAC equipment automations possible, right out of the box. Think Demand Filtration, Demand Ventilation, Demand Humidity Control.

Every HAVEN Bundle comes with 1 Controller that can accommodate 2 different pieces of equipment. Supplemental Controllers can be purchased separately.

Image of HAVEN Central Air Monitor on an angle, probe is inserting into mounting plate

HAVEN Central Air Monitor

Every HAVEN journey starts by installing the Central Air Monitor, one of which is included in every HAVEN Bundle. The only IAQ solution of its kind, the Monitor is able to detect airborne particles, chemicals, relative humidity, temperature and airflow — all from the return duct.

The HAVEN Ecosystem

Together, the HAVEN Monitor and Controller enable real-time IAQ automations for Active Air Management: empowering HVAC professionals to provide clean air services through filtration, ventilation and humidity control.

HAVEN Central Air Monitor and Controller


Your fail-safe friend at any HAVEN installation. Get the hardware connected to your customer's WiFi, having the validation that the installations were completed successfully.

HAVEN Pro Portal

Auto-sorted customer lists based on filtration, ventilation and relative humidity issues help you identify data-driven sales opportunities your customers can trust.

Cultivate longterm relationships by delivering HAVEN IAQ and HVAC performance reports as part of your maintenance contract services.

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HAVEN Pro Training & Support

You'll have a dedicated Account Manager and Support team to get you started. They're also there to help you find a go-to-market strategy for making HAVEN part of your HVAC business, leveraging it to choose more effective solutions for your customers.

Our online resources are ready whenever you get that next coffee break — on a roof, in your truck, or in between gigs at the office.

Benefits of becoming a HAVEN Pro:

Increase solution sales through tailored IAQ reports

Improve customer retention through industry-leading IAQ services.

Enhance customer satisfaction with demand filtration, ventilation and humidity control

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