The Smart Home Radon Mitigation System

We’ve partnered with Ecosense to combine their top-of-the-market quality radon monitoring with HAVEN’s whole home ventilation solutions.


Ecosense radon testing for home

What’s Ecosense?

Ecosense are the recognized industry leader in radon monitoring, providing results within minutes and the highest accuracy on the market.

Their EcoQube device is an award-winning radon monitor that captures short and long term trends, which can now be viewed alongside your HAVEN data!

Over 24,000 deaths a year across North America are caused by radon, and it’s the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. That’s why monitoring and mitigation are key, and why we were keen to collaborate on a platform which can turn radon data into solutions for healthier homes.

Better Together

All your air quality insights in one place in the HAVEN IAQ app

Personalized ventilation recommendations, now informed by VOCs and radon

Mitigate radon levels with HAVEN’s responsive ventilation controls (coming soon!)

Radon reduction system HAVEN air quality monitor IAQ app radon mitigation EcoQube radon detection

Getting Started

Whole home radon remediation system smart home technology radon ventilation

Device Placement

Select the dwelling and zone for your EcoQube device in your HAVEN dashboard.

Explore your home’s Ecosense data alongside your HAVEN ventilation score!

Don’t have an EcoQube device yet? Get yours today!

The Partnership in the Press

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the mission to improve indoor air quality, with a focus on preventing radon-induced lung cancer and empowering users with cutting-edge responsive technology...”

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Teaming up with HAVEN allows us to synchronize our missions, empowering individuals and families with an unmatched indoor air quality monitoring and control system.

Together, we have the potential to significantly decrease the staggering statistic of 24,000 people losing their lives each year to radon-induced lung cancer in North America. By implementing effective radon monitoring, we can prevent this cancer and save lives."

- Samantha Kim, Director of Strategic Accounts - Ecosense


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