Our solution for whole-home indoor air quality management: for peace of mind, and clean air services year round.

Hear from a HAVEN Pro

We’re excited to share this clip of Stoneman HVAC from WTVR News Channel 6’s Virginia This Morning, showcasing the HAVEN Monitor and why it’s the best approach to improving Indoor Air Quality!

Stoneman HVAC is a service leader in Richmond, Virginia. They’ve seen great success with HAVEN, using the IAQ data to identify and address their customers' air quality issues, and make more homes into safe HAVENs.

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Introducing the HAVEN hardware:

Central Air Monitor & Controller

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor works in tandem with your HAVEN Central Air Controller, providing you with active air management that responds to your daily routine, automatically.

In short, HAVEN ties together your various pieces of forced air equipment into one neatly controlled smart air cleaning package.

The result? You get to breathe better and enjoy peace of mind, letting HAVEN take care of your air for you.

What is Active Air Management?

Active Air Management is the proactive & ongoing care of your home’s environment for optimal comfort, health, and safety; delivered by your trusted HVAC professional.

Professional-grade sensors monitor your home’s air to identify issues.

Equipment automations react to daily Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) events such as cooking and cleaning, to optimize your home’s health and airflow.

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HAVEN Bundle

Includes the Central Air Monitor & Controller

Automates air quality equipment by adding HVAC equipment to connected ecosystem

Integrated directly into your home's HVAC system

Monitors & controls filtration, ventilation, humidity and airflow

Real time indoor air quality score through the HAVEN IAQ app

Professional installation & IAQ management

Patented, in-duct air quality monitoring, compatible with any forced air HVAC system.

Full automation controls compatible with air handlers, ERV/HRVs, dehumidifiers & humidifiers.

HAVEN Central Air Controller

For homes with multiple automation requirements

Custom ventilation scheduling

Connect up to 2 pieces of HVAC equipment

Provides smart controls for connected equipment

Triggers equipment when air quality event is detected

Ensures consistent airflow sampling for Central Air Monitor

Professional installation


How HAVEN takes care of your air

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The Central Air Monitor is installed in the duct of the home, where it tracks filtration, ventilation, relative humidity, and airflow.

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The Central Air Controller activates HVAC equipment automatically, ensuring proper filtration and circulation of the home’s air based on real time readings from the Monitor.

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The HAVEN Pro Web Portal provides HVAC Professionals with access to homeowner data and insights as well as the knowledge and tools they need to provide clean air services for their customers, year round.

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The HAVEN IAQ App provides homeowners with the peace of mind that HAVEN is automatically responding to IAQ events, worry free.


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What does the 'Central Air Monitor' monitor?

It monitors air pollution and comfort levels, including particulates, chemicals, relative humidity and temperature to understand what activities need more ventilation and filtration.

Read more about what is monitored...

Image of a living room with particles floating around, making it look polluted

How does the Central Air Monitor work?

The Central Air Monitor is the first in-duct indoor air quality monitor that uses the home's "arteries", aka ductwork, to capture an understanding of how the entire home is doing.

We've spent years crafting our particulate sensing capabilities and calibration process that allow the Monitor to rival top of the line, research-grade equipment.

More on the technology...

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How are HVAC professionals involved?

Every home has a different HVAC configuration, location and occupant activities. HVAC pros are given the challenging task of diagnosing the air quality issues their customers are experiencing.

The Monitor gets professionally installed into the duct next to the air handler. Post install, the IAQ data will be shared with the certified HAVEN Pro HVAC technician who can then use it to help the homeowner find the most appropriate solutions to improve their air quality and keep their HVAC system running efficiently.

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