Residential Demand Control Ventilation

Unlock the power of no-harm demand control ventilation, for healthier homes in humid climates.


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Why ventilation matters

A lack of ventilation allows airborne chemicals (VOCs) to build up inside a home, which can have a direct impact on human health. Ventilation is the most effective way of reducing chemical concentration — by diluting with fresh outdoor air.

The challenges in humid climates

Without humidity control, ventilation can create conditions for mold

Improper ventilation adds heat load onto an HVAC system, increasing energy bills and shortening equipment life

Outdoor air conditions may be polluted, causing more harm than good

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The no-harm ventilation strategy

HAVEN Central Air Monitor and Controller

HAVEN's Central Air Monitor and Controller

The HAVEN Monitor measures particles, chemicals, and humidity levels in the home. The Controller activates equipment only when needed based on that data, for optimal efficiency.

Ventilating dehumidifier

Ventilating dehumidifier

With the capacity to ventilate, dehumidify, and filter out particles, a ventilating dehumidifier is able to address any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues that HAVEN may detect.

Motorized outdoor damper

Motorized outdoor damper

HAVEN's integrated outdoor air quality intelligence enables control of motorized dampers, to shut off additional ventilation sources when conditions may be polluted.

This trio of equipment is the key for balancing residential ventilation needs with humidity control; adding data-driven automations to mechanical ventilation systems, without introducing harmful humidity or pollution problems.

Residential Demand Control Ventilation Templates

Residential Demand Control Ventilation for humid climates template with Indoor Air Quality monitor
Residential Demand Control Ventilation for humid climates template

Our tried and tested templates guide Technicians through each step, taking the guesswork out of getting started.

Quotation marks

This is a quantum leap forwards... maintaining a healthy atmosphere, but caring for the energy side as well.

- Bryan Orr, HVAC School Podcast

All-in-one automations


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Humidity control

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Energy efficiency

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Outdoor air aware

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Smart automations


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