Take IAQ action.

HAVEN IAQ now works with IFTTT, which means you can use the data to control your other smart home devices & services when poor air quality is detected!

What's the point of knowing what's wrong if you don't have a path to solve the problem?


HAVEN IAQ + IFTTT allows you to automate your home’s air quality. This means triggering actions when specified levels of particles, chemicals or humidity are detected with the HAVEN Central Air Monitor.

What actions can be taken?

To get your feet wet, we have some recommendations for how to connect your smart home devices to the HAVEN IAQ IFTTT service.

Light Switch

Smart plugs or switches

Such as Wemo or TP Link Kasa, for turning on bathroom fans or room purifiers, fans and dehumidifiers


Smart thermostat services

Such as Honeywell or Trane iComfort, for activating your home’s forced air filter or other equipment (e.g. ERV)


Google's cloud-based apps

Such as Google Sheets or Google Calendar,  for tracking when events occur & observing trends

Works with IFTTT

IFTTT makes taking action simple.

  1. Create a free IFTTT account
  2. Go to HAVEN IAQ’s IFTTT profile
  3. Connect the services that are involved in the Applet or connection!

Example use cases

Case 1

Humidity control

IF HAVEN IAQ detects humidity levels at 50% or higher

THEN trigger Kasa Switch


To toggle bathroom fan on

Photo of a window corner where condensation is forming to show humidity problems

Case 2

Filtration control

IF HAVEN IAQ detects unhealthy levels of PM2.5 (particles)

THEN set Lennox iComfort

Photo of 2 pieces of toast flying out of a toaster to show particle event

To toggle thermostat fan on

Case 3

Ventilation control

IF HAVEN IAQ detects unhealthy levels of VOCs

THEN set Kasa Plug

Graphic - Google Calendar

To toggle room fan on & create Google Calendar event

Photo of a woman painting a wall with a roller from behind to show a VOC event

While setting up automations that connect to the HAVEN IAQ data is a great start, we always recommend talking through your air quality issues with a professional for best results.

Ready to start automating your air quality with IFTTT?

Create a free account with IFTTT and start setting up your automations right away!

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