Privacy Policy – Google Nest Integration

HAVEN IAQ & Google Nest

Last Updated: 7 May 2021

Our services provide an extended set of capabilities through integration with Google Nest Thermostat products. You can choose to share your Nest Thermostat control with us (HAVEN IAQ), providing explicit consent for a specific Nest Thermostat you own.

Given the ability to control your thermostat, our services enable you to configure automation flows to respond to bad air quality events in your home by temporarily turning on your HVAC ventilation (fan ON).

We ask for the following permissions:

  • Allow HAVEN IAQ to access and control your thermostat (see basic device information, settings, temperature setpoints and sensor data, and change settings and temperature setpoints)

  • Allow HAVEN IAQ to see information about your home (home name, room names and zip code)

You must have existing HAVEN IAQ and NEST accounts in order to use this integration capability.

HAVEN IAQ service is limited to use ventilation (fan timeout) control only. We obtain a token for Nest API access on your behalf and securely store it for long-term API access. No other device or home information is being recorded by HAVEN IAQ. In the future, we may request additional permissions such as thermostat schedule or thermostat sensors reading and we will notify you in advance to provide the additional content. We do not share any of your Google Nest data with any third parties.

At any point, you have an option to revoke granted permissions by going to portal and removing HAVEN IAQ consent.

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