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90% of our HAVEN installs resulted in additional mechanical sales!

- Joe Nobles, Stoneman HVAC

Boost your business with HAVEN

Try out your first HAVEN device to explore how whole-home air quality monitoring and automations can set your business apart.

Bundle the HAVEN Monitor into your service calls this summer to create HVAC equipment sales opportunities and long-term customer retention.

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Stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive HVAC market with the latest technology, smarter services, and ethical sales practices.

The Smarter IAQ Solution

Designed for HVAC Pros, the HAVEN Monitor measures Particulate Matter, Volatile Organic Compounds, Relative Humidity, and Airflow. Mounted in the return duct of a home’s HVAC system, this pairs with the HAVEN Controller to activate HVAC equipment on-demand, and resolve IAQ issues.

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Healthier Homes, Happier Customers

Deliver healthier homes and peace of mind with HAVEN. Get your first bundle for just $149 ($100 off our regular pricing) with your exclusive HVAC Notice offer for a limited time only!

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