Introduction to the HAVEN Central Air Monitor

The best way to monitor Indoor Air Quality

What do all Indoor Air Quality monitors have in common?


Indoor Air Quality monitors come in different forms - some sit on your counter or table, some have a battery and can be carried around, while others are mounted to the wall. Most have the ability to measure the amount of particles and chemicals at varying degrees of accuracy and repeatability, though some devices are equipped with specialized sensors for certain gases or radon.

One thing these Indoor Air Quality monitors have in common is that they measure air only in the room where they are currently placed. Portable monitors can be moved from room to room, but can never measure all rooms at once. Most stationary or portable monitors also measure particles using the same technique: a small fan that forces the air through a laser beam. This method works well, but these small fans have mechanical parts that can fail if the device is dropped, if the motor or bearing fails, or if too many large particles clog the tiny air channel. To summarize: common air quality monitors only measure one room at a time, and have moving parts that can fail after a few years of use.

Most modern single family homes have a central air system that is designed to move the air throughout the whole home, while heating or cooling. Generally speaking, a home's air is circulated by the central HVAC system first through the return ductwork, then into the filter, air handler, and back out to the home via the supply ductwork. So why monitor the air in only one room, if there is a location that all of a home's air is being moved through?


At HAVEN, we spent around five years in the lab, researching and building a product that's truly unique. Our Central Air Monitor is very different from other air devices: it measures air quality across the whole home while having no moving parts. The HAVEN Monitor takes air quality measurements inside of the return duct using the air handler blower fan, which is designed to last 10 years or more.

The HAVEN IAQ software allows automations to be set up to respond to air quality events, provide notifications of pollutant spikes, and filter change reminders when needed. In addition, the HAVEN team individually calibrates each device at different airflow rates, resulting in particle detection accuracy comparable to lab-grade equipment.

How is the Central Air Monitor Unique?

HAVEN's CTO and Air Quality Scientist explain the inner workings of the Central Air Monitor and its benefits compared to other air quality monitors:

If you're interested in learning more on any of the topics covered here, head over to the HAVEN Community — where homeowners, professionals and HAVEN team members discuss HAVEN products and IAQ solutions.

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